Review: Bioderma Sebium Foaming Gel cleanser for oily and combination skins

Bioderma is a French cosmetics brand. It is well known for its cult following of the sensibio micellaire water for sensitive skin. This review is for the Bioderma Sébium Gel Moussant (aka Sebium Purifying And Foaming Gel) – an excellent solution for those with sensitive and oily/combination skins. It is non-drying, soap free, and hypoallergenic.

This is the 500ml format.

This is the 500ml format.

What it would like to do to you:

It wants to gently cleanse your face and limit the secretion of sebum. Simple, but sometimes simple is best!

When does it want to do it to you:

Morning and night. But it’s up to you to decide when you need it. I personally use it at night only, because my face doesn’t need that great a cleanse in the morning.

Who does it want to do it to:

People with oily and combination skins. Not great for the dryer skin types in my opinion, it’s a bit drying – which is, I presume, why it works quite well on spots.

Blue gel consistency DSC00241

It smells peachy-apricoty – not so much I-want-to-eat-it, but more like a fruity-and-puts-you-in-a-good-mood-instantly kind of smell. It has a gel consistency (the title did not lie) and doesn’t foam up crazily, nor do I want it to though, because when these things get really foamy, the foam tends to get all up in my hurr and lashes.

So to recap:

We love:

- The smell. It’s so, so good.

- It cleanses like a deity. Waterproof mascara and all that jazz. I’ve officially stopped double cleansing because it does the job so damn well.

- Big bottle formats available, so you can cleanse FOREVER. One pump is more than enough, so to all the cheap people, REJOICE.

We don’t love:

- It’s a tad drying. But I secretly love that it is, because when I put my moisturizer on afterwards, I can really feel the moisturizer’s effects.

Can you use it with a Clarisonic?

You absolutely can! Just wet your face and instead of applying the gel to your face, apply it to your brush head. The results are excellent both manually and electronically.

My holy grail cleanser. Right after I used it, I looked into its beautiful imaginary blue gel-eyes, and it looked into mine, and we had a moment of silence to take in how real our love was. And then I went out and bought another two bottles.

Thanks for reading!!


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